AM activities

4.30 AM : My alarm went crazy but I didn't realize it at all.
4.45 AM : Well, at least, I realized that I'd been disturbed by the non-stop calling alarm.
5.00 AM : Still sleeping , ignoring my alarm that went crazy every 5 minute.
5.20 AM : At last! I woke up and went straight outside my room, just want to take a peek on today's breakfast. LOL
5.36 AM : I'm ready. Wore my damn uniform already and ate my mantao - which was my breakfast while reading and revising for my biology test.
6.00 AM : went to school and slept again in the car.
6.18 AM : reached school and the school started 10 minutes after that. Had a little time to copy some of my undone homework.
9.35 AM : End of BIOLOGY... not satisfied. Recess.
10.05 AM : TEST again, this time Chemistry. To the hell with studying, I chose another way out; cheating. *giggles*
11. 05 AM : End of test. What can I say?

PM Activities

1.45 PM : At last... school activities end here. phew.
1.55 PM : Went straight to Putri's house. sleep throughout the journey.
2.35 PM : Reached Putri's house, but she's not home yet.
3.05 PM : Putri's home with Sheiren. Started our today's practice.
4.38 PM : Dance practice ended. Sweats all over my body. Went home.
5.10 PM : Reached home. Ate Pringles. Drank Yakult. Went to sleep (such a pig!) still in my uniform.
6.25 PM : My maid woke me up. Ate my dinner.
7.45 PM : Took a bath. HAHA.

... till now : in front of my comp. surfing the internet. intended to do some of my homework but too lazy to get the book out of my bag. LOL

what a boring routine.