movie buff

Uah, quite a day today, isn't it bloggie?

Friday is so loved, baby. Why? Simply because it's freedom day! I agree with Flo for this one. At last, this day is the kind of day that I've been waiting for in my busy-hectic-crazy-stressing exams day.

Anyway, I missed blogging so much and there's hella lots of things that I want to share and to write about. Unfortunately , I've got not much time since it'll be midnight in just 3 minute so I'm going to do some blog-review thingy.

So, this week I watched two 'two up' movie which is:

#1. Angels & Demons :
This movie is so damn AWESOME! BRILLIANT! I watched it twice already and can't get enough of it. I'm addicted to it already. As known, it's another adapted movie from the same title: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. So, you know it already, Robert Langdon is back - but of course with a different case this time. The story involved around Vatican and Rome, catholic church, Pope and old legend of Illuminati and of course an invention called as the antimatter. Well, I won't spread too many unnecessary spoilers here. Watch it and be awed!
As for me: I'm so in love with the settings in this movie and the scene when the bomb explode in the sky, it's so... WOW~!

#2. Inkheart :
Okay, as for this one, I watched this in my iPod. Why? Because it's not out yet in XXI and I guess it's still a long way to go but despite that, this movie is so DAMN GOOD! I like the story arc especially, and well, got to say that the setting was awesome too. I like the little girl playing the role of Meggie, she got that British accent that's so lovely . It's also adapted from a book of the same title: Inkheart. Well, you've got to watched this one if you're really a fantasy-adventure movie freak. You're gonna love it! Well, I know I do

Anyway, got some vids for you

It's a fanmade New Moon trailer I found in youtube.
It's superb! Great job!