freedom, so damn good!

It's FREEDOM baby So this is what a prisoner might felt when they taste the freedom air. LOL. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But at last, after almost two weeks (or should I say a month?) of endless torture of tests and exams, finally it's all over! My personal hell on earth is over! Gone!

Okay, correction, maybe not entirely gone. I've considered June will be my busiest month of all months. And why is that? Oh well, I'm going to have my ZD test 2 weeks from now (and I've got a lot of pressure to pass this test) and also, I'm going to have my Ballet Competition at the end of June, that means I'll be going to have a lot of classes and meetings. Not to mention that I'm going to perform at July also. Well, definitely extra hard work is needed.

Busy-busy-busy. But, at least it is better than school. I hate school! Don't ask

Anyway, beside my busy schedule of training and studying, I'm certainly going to have a blast in my social agenda this holiday. And, the first one is hanging out with FLO. Oh yeah, baby! After a whole year, finally a reunion between the goat and the cow. LOL Speaking of reunion, well, I'm going to have a kinda reunion with my childhood bestie too. Nina, remember her from my last post? Well, she's in Jakarta now. We're going to meet anytime soon. YEAY!

Oh yea-yea, before I forget. I have a new blog, it's called hidden neverland ♠♠. It's.. hm, how to said it? It's a blog where I post most of my short stories, but it's mainly in Indonesian language. For you Indonesian bloggies, do visit my new site, okay? comments and critics are so welcome there.

Ah, and thanks to Flo. She's the one who told me to advertise this blog.

Also, there's a new feature in my blog which you can see above right next the affiliates section. It's called the follow now! section. Well, do click on that spot, okay bloggie? You can keep up with the latest update from me by clicking that you won't regret it!

Okay, enough with advertising now. Just going to post a few of my latest photos

and BYE!

ah... I forgot, I joined Kimverlyn's blog contest! Do join too!