happy birthday mom!

Happy Birthday MOM!

As you can see, yea, it's my mom's birthday today. Well, I'm certainly speechless about it, but I do can say a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my mom. Love her. If it's not because of her, I wouldn't even be here today and writing another silly billy milly blog

So, that's my mom. Umm... yea, so, it's kinda hard to talk about her. I'm close to her, it's true and I've to admitted it since she's the only family I know that are "alive". Not that my family is dead or what, but the one who really close to me is only her. My mom. My father, well, what can I say about him? He is still alive and in perfect condition, but I don't know, for me, he's like a BODY WITHOUT SOUL. All he can do is just sleep, work, eat, watch TV, sleep again. Geez. Robot? Maybe.

I have no siblings and note that I'm not close with my cousins (from my dad side) and I don't know my cousins (from my mom side, crazy isn't it? All I know is that they live somewhere in States, they only came back here, once when one of my cousin get married in Bali - which I can't attend because of school). Grandparents? Nope. No hope either. From dad side, they're already in heaven since before I was born and from mom, only a grandmother and tragically, I've only met her once even though she's still alive

Yea, so my mom is my friend and my only family although she's such a pain in my ass most of the time, but she's alright She's the one who always buy me new clothes, she's the one who I can hang out with at the mall, she's the one with whom I can go to many places I can't go with my dad. Yea, she's cool.

Oh waw, I think it's enough for today. I babbled enough. Ciao.