hot boys. cute boys. ah. JUST BOYS!

I'm so in the mood of tumblring peeps Well, you can say that I spent almost the whole day just to tumblring my tumblr. That's why I'm in no mood in writing another post.

But, well, I feel guilty if I don't update my dearly beloved babbling place, and yet so here am I anyway, I'm kinda speechless about what I'm going to blog these days because life is pretty boring. So if anyone have any idea about what I should blog, your ideas are so welcome in the quipped area. Not the taggie board, okay, that's spamming my board.

And as for today's topic. How about the hottest boys alive? LOL. Whatever, I'm still going to blog about this. Okay, so here's the list of the hottest boys (and also the cutest boys and yea.. whatever it is, just BOYS that I like. Period) alive

Alexander Richard "Alex" Pettyfer
and he's just 19! HOT

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
everybody knows him already.

Christopher Chace Crawford
aah..I'm melting over this gossip guys!

Gaspard Ulliel
he's cute in this photo. love him

Jared Tristan Padalecki
no actual reason why I love him. LOL

up till here, do you notice the common things they have?

Shia Saide LaBeouf
He's funny. I love his childish face - definitely not with the beard on!

Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine
I simply love his eyes and smile. mwah.

Well, of course there's more, but I guess this will be the end of today's post peeps. Sorry. Go to my tumblr to see more. Ciao.

Ooooh... and one more thing, I found this funny video of Shia LaBeouf. The one in which he always says, "No No No No Noooo!" It's funny You should watch it!