a letter.

Dear you,

You might not know about this, and maybe you never will but I really really wanted to say this so bad; "Ich vermisse dich" and you didn't know how much I miss you till I think it already consumes me. I might be a fool, for never learning from the past experience but instead making the same mistake over and over again. Yet, I didn't find this to be a mistake. I didn't find you to be a mistake. I find you to be the greatest thing I've ever discovered and I am grateful of it. You're like my sunshine after the rain, you never know the smile I have whenever we're chatting together. We always talk about nothing, but I found that those nothings are certainly more important than so many somethings.

I like you.

Yes, I certainly does like you, because you're just what a man ought to be. You know how to make me smile, even when it's unconsciously done. You didn't know how much I wished for the word "we" to be true. The thing is just that, I don't know you. I don't understand the real you. I don't know what music you hear, what you eat. I don't know if you ever had a girlfriend. I don't know all that. I really wished I get to know you better, if you ever allowed me. But I just don't know how. Because you see, I don't socialize often with boys nor did I flirt. So you can say that I'm practically a nerd. Most of my friends are girls with very few boy, or maybe a really really boyish girl.

And, if I have a chance, I'll never let you go :)