best day of my life

I won't give up some lame excuses such as I'm busy (which in fact, I was) and I just want to start this post by saying thanks to those who've been constantly complaining how inactive I am with my scribblebabble. Oh, well, sorry readers. I'm too absorb on being a fashion blogger (though lately, I'm not really an active fashion blogger also).

Anyway, 18 April 2010 which fall on Sunday is noted as one of the BEST DAY of my life ever. Well, as any best day of my life, it usually evolves around the word 'dancing' and yeah, it is. Last Sunday, my ballet school held another annual event of Ballet & Jazz Evening with a repertoire called the "Impian Kartini" (a.k.a Kartini's Dream) and a jazz/hiphop drama called "Dare To Dance".

To make sure we started on the right foot, well, Impian Kartini has such a simple plot. It was about the dream of Kartini - who is the biggest and well-respected woman in Indonesian's history. She was the one who fight for the right of women, what we capable of doing in the community now, it's all thanks to Kartini who emancipated us. Long story short, Impian Kartini was a story of Kartini's dream for Indonesian women. How she longed to see the future where women take their rightful place in the community. In this repertoire, I was one of the dancer in the corps of "Gadis Pelajar Modern".

While for "Dare To Dance", I guess I didn't have to explain it for too long. It has the same plot as High School Musical where there's the new girl and the famous basketball captain + the so-called popular girl, the only part that was changed is that there's no singing thing in this drama instead it was changed into dancing. And yeah, in this drama I joined in another corps who played the part as a "Drama Club". It was so much FUN, really. Do you know why? Well, it was because in this production, my girls and I have to displayed the image of "Sexy and Flirty" which is definitely NOT a trait I posses as a girl. But it was no biggie, because when the music is on, I'm kinda a natural flirt :p (not to mention crazy)

Indeed it was the best day I've in my life, spending time with my girls which I often called as the WonderGirls (derived from the Korean Girl Group) and The Chippetes (derived from the Alvin & The Chipmunks 2). They're the other reason of why it was the best day of my life ever. It was with them that I shared the same floor, the same laugh, the same pain, the same sweat(?) LOL! Yeah, put it simply, I love them so much.