bye 17

Okay, so maybe mine isn't exactly 14.000 things to be happy about, but since today is my last day of being 17, I guess I should list some of the things that I accomplished in this one eventful year of mine. Like I said, not exactly 14.000 but enough to be satisfied for.

Being 17 so far :
  • met my current crush (yes, still a crush)
  • officially became a senior high-schooler in Gandhi
  • participated in Namarina Internal Ballet Competition 2009
  • became a finalist in Namarina Internal Ballet Competition 2009
  • the second time I joined the RAD Exam for Intermediate Foundation
  • buy a DSLR camera
  • and learn photography
  • my crush went to Germany :'(
  • buy a new cellphone (BlackBerry) and unfaithfully ditched my favorite cell (Sony Ericsson)
  • the result of RAD Exam were out : DISTINCTION!
  • So, I'm now in Intermediate (Ballet)
  • Bought my second pointe shoes, which is Grishko.
  • Stressed out because of UAN, Grade 6 Examination, & the Ballet and Jazz Evening showcase
  • crush gave me his cell's number? YEAY!
  • faced UAN
  • first time dancing with pointe shoes at the "Impian Kartini" Ballet Showcase
  • faced Grade 6 RAD Examination
  • not so officially, now I'm in Grade 7
  • UAN result were out : PASSED (though not really with a flying colors)
  • therefore, unofficially, I'm no longer listed as a high-schooler.
  • my fashion tumblr finally reached the number of 1000 followers!
  • tried modelling (didn't really enjoyed it)
Though I've been through with a lots of ups-and-downs, but I'm really happy that I've tried and accomplished so many things. So, bye 17 and welcome 18!