Germany for FIFA WORLD CUP 2010

I'm just sad that Klose isn't going to be there when Germany meets Ghana.

Let's pray that Germany will advance to next round, even without Klose.

So, who's your favorite team? Tell me.

Lipstick Jungle

Did anyone ever watched Lipstick Jungle and this three beautiful ladies before?
It's such a disappointment to know that NBC actually cancelled this show last year, me personally, I thought this was a fabulous show.
Shields, Price and Raver got a certain charisma in this drama.
Ah, how I miss this trio.

I'm just going to share some quotes, so here it goes :

#1. You know what's so great about tennis? Love means zero - Joe Bennet

#2. Nico Reily: Give me back my feet.
Kirby Atwood: Not if you're using them to leave.

#3. I admit when I saw you, I was jealous. But that's what humans feel after a break up.
Jealous, hurt and conflicted. But seeing you here, is all that I need.
So stop playing your little games and move on - Victory Ford


Oh well, what can I said?
Prom is just prom.

highschool momento

Class X
My first year as the putih abu-abuers.

Class XI
My second year as putih abu-abuers,
My first year struggling with all the science subjects.

Class XII
My last year of everything.

Bye High School life.
Thanks for the memories.