Lipstick Jungle

Did anyone ever watched Lipstick Jungle and this three beautiful ladies before?
It's such a disappointment to know that NBC actually cancelled this show last year, me personally, I thought this was a fabulous show.
Shields, Price and Raver got a certain charisma in this drama.
Ah, how I miss this trio.

I'm just going to share some quotes, so here it goes :

#1. You know what's so great about tennis? Love means zero - Joe Bennet

#2. Nico Reily: Give me back my feet.
Kirby Atwood: Not if you're using them to leave.

#3. I admit when I saw you, I was jealous. But that's what humans feel after a break up.
Jealous, hurt and conflicted. But seeing you here, is all that I need.
So stop playing your little games and move on - Victory Ford