Sad isn't it? I was once a girl with words. A girl who know exactly what to say. Or I guess in my case, it is what to write. My voice is my writing, and I've lost it. I don't know since when I practiced this art of keeping silence and unconsciously let myself get isolated. Not from the society, but from myself. Isolated from inside out.

I felt content, at first, as people saw me smile, not knowing when the lie I put up behind every laughter. For I stupidly believed, that maybe, just maybe, if it's buried deep enough, everything will be forgotten. And there it goes, so easily silence has become a habit. But as time passed, I'm getting tired of all the assumptions. There are times when I want to shout, and scream, wanting people to hear and to understand. But by then, I was already silenced and every thing that I spoke of, was a contradict.

"I'm fine, I'm okay. It's okay. Don't worry."

I'm not. I never am.