I watched Gandhi Cup again today, and so did I yesterday. But, that's not the reason I'm not blogging yesterday. I've some kind of issue in which I couldn't escape from and that's definitely and for sure is PHYSICS TEST! Geez, the word PHYSICS itself is more than enough to shivered me inside and out . To the hell with Maths test. I don't care 'cos in the end, I know we'll end up cheating and that is exactly what happened in the class today.

So, back to the topic before - Gandhi Cup. Well, I watched basketball match between St.Peters and MGS, and then the soccer match between my school and smandu. MGS won, and my school lost. What a shame. Come on, Gandhi! Cia yo! You can do it!

OH. MY. GOD. Yesterday was like my personal heaven on earth! Here it goes:
Yesterday, I've a PE lesson at the hall - last period as usual - and at the same time as my PE lesson started, the basketball team from both Diakonia and Kristo 2 arrived & waited at the hall, before the game started.
At first, I was like, "Gee, why can't they just wait outside?" It's kinda disturbing to have 'em watching us, I don't know. I just felt uncomfortable. That's all. PE lessons went the way it was and there's nothing we can do about it. After having some warm up exercise, Sr. Yap told the girls to practice under ring alone while he's taking marks from the boys. And what else can we do? We practiced then, with a bunch of boys from Diakonia at the left side of the ring (where we praticed) sat and waited. It's uncomfortable at first. Why?
  1. A bunch of unknown boys was sitting there while we (I) practiced.
  2. There might be a possibilites that they're watching us (out of their boredom of waiting)
  3. And, who knows what they're thinking about when they watched our poor skill in playing such an easy ball (for them).
But, I got used to it.So while I were practicing, I spotted a boy, a good-looking (not really my type, but it's fine) one in my opinion, and I just couldn't take my eyes away from him. Curious, I decided to stay and watched the match and watched him of course. LOL. After all, I'm just a girl a single girl to be exact.

He's number 8 and despite some of his 'lebainess' a.k.a exaggerating behaviour, he's a pretty good player. Even my friend, Yos, admitted it.

Plus poin for him.

And there's even a message sent to him through the 'dudu' service.

Another plus poin.

Well, I didn't speak out my mind out loud that I was eye-crushing on him. But, I did managed to know his name - it started with the word F.

I went straight to my computer as soon as I'm home and surfed through my FB account and with some luck, I found his FB + FS! Am I great or what? LOL and guess what? He ADD me, few days ago. I don't know the exact time (cos I usually ignored my friend request) but he ADD me! WOW.

I've been thinking lately, is he the one that I spotted at technical meeting, sitting at the stairway? I'd always wondering who is he, and this boy, he look like him. Maybe. I don't know. Man~ I'm dying to know him! I wanna talk to him!!

LOL. Sorry guys, I know I'm such a boy-craze.

And, to end my long-lasting post;
tomorrow dummies will go and celebrate Rosi's birthday. Wish I could come! There'll be dummies + darma, kocok, nicholas, pacul, and welly! I bet it's going to be a lot of FUN! But, I have my own party for tomorrow.