shei's b.bash

Well, Monday isn't the best day ever.

I never like coming back to school after having so much FUN in the weekend. It's kinda like a killjoy for me especially if I still have some trance from the last Saturday's party - Sheiren's Sweet Seventeen party.

It's not a really big or glamorous party or whatsoever, but it really is fine with me since I don't really like big party and all. The party was held at Hotel Alila's Ballroom in the 3rd floor and it started at 08.00 PM (though in the invitation said it was 06.30) but I've been there like forever... in fact, I've been there since 03.00 PM. I don't mind at all. It was fun. I was rehearsing our ballet dance with Putri till 05.00 PM and after that I spent the rest at my time in Sheiren's room upstairs with her family while her stylist was doing something with her hair, and her face. All in all, everything that has to do with her and she turned out to be VERY PRETTY!

The party itself was fun. There's foods, games, shows, and dance floor! I like the dance all night part. It was like I were in a mini-nightclub but the BEST thing that ever happened in the party is the MC. There was one MC, and he's so DAMN-CUTE! His name is Chandra I manage to get a shot with him at the end of party, even his email address. Yippiee :D

And somehow, I found out that this world is suuuch a small world! I met two of my schoolmates from the social class, which is Dick and Nicholas. What makes this world even smaller, is that Nicholas was with Victoria at the party. And then, Chandra - Chandra himself, he is Leonita's friend! And I found out that he is my friend's ex. So, could anyone tell me just how small this world? So, it wouldn't surprise me anymore.

Here's some photos:

the last photo was with Chandra; but I definitely look like a crap there.
What can I say? It's almost 12 o'clock and I were pretty exhausted.