Go #8!

It's raining today and I didn't realized it.

Today as soon as the bell rang, I went straight to the hall and get to know that today's basketball match was between Diakonia and Kalam Kudus. With no more doubts and all, I just sat down at the available seat near the scoreboard and watched the match. I didn't give a second thought about how I'm going to go home, I just want to watch player #8 from Diakon. I felt like giving another plus poin for him 'cos he's so skillful. My~!

And, okay, what else? Again, I can't take my eyes away from him; and several other player who just as skillful as he is (he still took 85% of my attention) just like the other day. In the end, Diakon won against their opponent but I'd learned from Yosafat that even though they've won, they couldn't play anymore and it was like, my last chance to see him. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah, whatever.

So, when the match ended and I want to go home, I realized that it was RAINING! Oh. my. God!
I didn't count on that one. Now, how am I supposed to go home? Geez.. It getting hard every second and I got stuck in school and no one can picked me up or dropped me home. Man! Thank God, my friends were still in school so time passed by quickly - well, not so quick. And somehow, I was praying that this guy I'm crushing, the #8 guy didn't go home yet and I'm lucky he didn't . I still met him at the hall. He was waiting for the rain to stopped with some of his friends and some girls from my school *jealous? haha. maybe* I still secretly peeped at him once in a while. After all it's my last chance to see him, right?

Not long after I realized that the rain had changed into light rain, I decided to go out as soon as possible and found an 'ojek' - it's my only hope to get home. I can't afford a taxi with my pocket money. Damn~ it's too expensive. So, while I was searching for an ojek, he & his friends passed by. He was riding his own motorcycle, not a vespa and not just an ordinary motor; kinda big motor I think. Again, maybe. I can't see it that clear, especially when my vision was a lil'bit blur by the drizzle. *sigh* He's cool.

GEEZ... maybe I should ask his phone number or something! I wish I could see him again, and even get to know him.

Gandhi A's soccer team LOST!! No hope for the soccer section.