being a psycho is fun!

I've got a confession to make:

Well, I was being a one-day-psycho yesterday
The thing is yesterday I was having a practicum, biology practicum. You know, the one involving rats, chloroform and scissors and knife. The cut its body up and watched their organ practicum.
Actually I'm not a psycho in the heart. I do pity the rats that were being cut up by us all. I even hesitated to cut the rat, but somehow after the process of cutting and watching all the organ, and even after watching Leonita and the boys doing some cutting here and there in the body of (I don't know the English name; this animal look like somekind of house lizard, medium size) tokek, I was kinda trigger by something and I even joined in the 'sadistic' process if that what you'll call it.

So, first... the boys wanted to cut tokek's tail. But they're all to... afraid to do so (maybe) so half of them were only documenting using their handphone, and it was that time that the sadistic process begun. Leonita came and cut its tail. It was moving here and there when she cut the tail, even after she cut it to 4 pieces! Just imagine. After that, with a lots of curiosity and all ... she started to cut out its stomach to see what's that tokek ate. She even cut its 'ball' (testis). Both of them. Gosh~! That's... truly the definition of sadistic. The other girls who were watching us just gave an "euu" or "Oh my God, Le." while the boys still documenting the process.

We got more curious than ever, and so.. we decided to cut out its head. And that's when I joined the process of being a one-day-psycho. We both (Leonita and I) tried to cut out its head. It was difficult at first, but with some energy we did it. We also cut out its eyeball. So, it's also sadistic & psychotic.

Ask me if I was sick while I did that thing?
Well, actually no. I don't know what runs in my blood. I never got sick of blood or cutting animal body up to pieces like that. Strange, huh? It's just out of my curiosity.