new blogskins people, YAY!

Well, since it's the beginning of a new month - which I can't believe it 'cos it feels like it was just yesterday that we stepped into a new year, and suddenly *boom* it is March already - I was thinking that a little change might boost up my mood in blogging. After doing a little research on some good basecode and images, I decided to make my own blogskin and this is it. I come up with this new skin. My brand-new #2 skin. My #1 skin was kinda mess. So I was pretty happy with the outcome of my new skin. Satisfied you might say - though pink wasn't really my style & my favourite. But hey, at least, it's cute. Besides, the last skin that I used didn't suite my style in blogging though, I like the mixture of the colour and the images.

Other than that, I really miss the way I used to blog, so I really need a skin that suits my writing style. Just in case you wanna know what's my writing style, you can visit my previous blog dear: ♥ my summer;

Okay then, I'll be back later when I have time. Ciao.