It's true that we'll appreciate or miss something/someone when they're already gone. Well, at least, that's what my class was buzzing about this morning.

Here's the thing. There's a lot of gossip that Wayne Phillip from our class will move to Australia, and yesterday when we confirmed it, he said "No." and blah-blah-blah with his style and trademark of talking. Looking half-innocent (yes. only half!) and rude at the same time. Rude it is, but funny at the same time. It's hard to describe it anyway, you should see it yourselves.

It's so funny that we - my class - often make fun of him. His favourite word was "ancol", "bangke", "bangsat" and "sampah". Well, that's how he's got his nickname, 'Sam' - derived and shortened from the word 'sampah'. We also nicknamed him as 'L MEN' due to his small body - almost as thin as a paper, and note that I'm not exaggerating at this point. He really is as thin as a paper.

So, anyway, today he didn't come to school and the gossip spread again. Some people from the other class ask, "Hey, is Wayne gone already?" and we all like, "Ah~ he's lying." but somehow, as time passed, it's like strucking us out of the blue and it became crystal clear that he'll move. We don't know the truth yet, cos' we joked with him too much that it's hard to differentiate when we're joking or when we're serious (although in my opinion, we never been serious though).
Rumour has it that he'll leave at 7 PM, fly to Bali first and then Aussie.

We're like; "Ah, serius lu!?" , "Yah.. ga ada lagi yang bisa dicengin." , "L Men pergi audisi ke L Men Internasional." , "Yah, orang gobloknya kurang satu." and all that kind of stuff. We still joked about him and his leaving, but I know that actually we're going to miss him. I mean, our class won't be the same again. It'll be different. I know and honestly, although he annoyed me a lot in class with his rudeness, but I'm going to miss him IF he really did move to Aussie.
this is our class photo at Ms.Wiwies bday.