Valentine Countdown: 3 days to go. 3 days to my personal hell on earth.

Okay, so it happened again and I'm getting really tired of my parents. They really annoyed me to the top of my patience and I simply can't control my emotion near them. They're both so annoyingly annoying and I just can't stop myself to yell at them. Even the rudest form of yelling. And whenever I remember anything about them, I really want to scream out loud and even do some head-banging thing and smack someone - so bad . I hate them! I really-really-really hate them for never making my life normal! I have enough trouble already.

And I've been so busy doing all this design thingy for GAT3 id-card and after almost an hour or so, I finally finished it. Yeay! So, how is it?

Phew, I put a lot of effort in this simple(okay not-so-simple) and small ID-card.

GAT3 countdown : 5 more days! eng-ing-eng *sound effect*