Finished with Season 2 (at last!)

Alright, it's almost midnight and I was just finish watching Heroes season 2 and apparently I've only made it until Heroes Season 3, episode 1: The Second Coming.

It's kinda freak you know, since I didn't stop watching ever since I got home from school. Well, that's explain why I gained weight so easily this couple of months . I've always been in front of the computer, all this time - doing, well, I don't know. Sometimes it's just browsing, sometimes it's blogging, and sometimes, just like this time; watching DVD endlessly.

That's why my mom always mad at me.

Whatever, anyway, HEROES is getting cooler and cooler! Though, the word 'best' was not the best word to portrayed the image of Season 2, but it is cool! I mean, how in the world they could create such an amazing story line? All of them was connected, and oh, what's more amazing was the portrayal of each and every characters in it. It's hard to recognized who's in the good side and who's in the bad side. It's like there are no border line between those two and it shows how human can be so... sly (if I'm using the right word). Besides, it's a lot of fun how they all can pictured emotions like that. Though I'm not really a great observer of how people act, but really, their acting was.... sugoi! (Anyway, I just known that Ando was actually a KOREAN! Never thought of that before. He look really convincing as a Japanese)

Anyway, due to certain circumstances (and not to mention the time) I have to end this post here; it's late and somehow all my body aches and it's best to go bed by now. Oh, by the way, tomorrow school's out! Yeay! Why? Because tomorrow is ELECTION day. I'm not in the age in which I can vote in, but I don't really care about that. School's out baby! What more can I ask for?

And maybe tomorrow I can go and watch (my long awaited) FAST and FURIOUS 4! Yippie...