A day with my mom

So, there are some change of plan.

Well, yesterday I was planning to go to either Emporium Pluit or Pluit Junction to watch Fast and Furious 4, but apparently I went to another place today - Grand Indonesia, which is good because it's been a long time since I last visited Grand Indonesia. My mom took me there for a walk and some lunch. We ended having lunch at Pizza Marzano and man, I'm soo damn-stuffed! My mom always ask me to finished up the last food, which in today's case, is a slice of Pizza! ( I already ate 3 slice of Pizza, and 2 Mushroom!) Gah~ That's what I hate about having lunch/dinner with my mom, she always and always and always ask me (or maybe order me) to finished up all the food and then, when we're at home, she told me not to eat too much! Man! Who's the one who told me to finished up all the food even though I was SO FULL??


Anyway, after having some lunch, I (who can never resist a sight of bookstore) went straight to Kinokuniya Bookstore. At first, I search for a Sarah Dessen's book, but found none. *sigh* but to my surprise, I found De La Cruz's MASQUERADE (but found none of the first series - Blue Bloods). I even found the Luxe, Rumors and Envy Series! Gosh~! Why I have to be bankrupt at this hour? I also found a Japanese magazines which contain some articles about NEWS! Damn it, I really want those mags, but when I took a peek at its price, I was like , Rp. 126.000,- for just one mags? My mom would certainly and definitely kill me if I buy that. But, I didn't came out of that bookstore empty-handed, I managed to buy Masquerade & a German Dictionary(very important for my Kurz).

After that, we went to Setiabudi One to watched Knowing, the sci-fi film with Nicolas Cage in it.
It is one heck of COOL movie I ever saw. I would give a 4.5 for it! Why 4.5? Well, because there are some elements from this movie that I didn't like, which is the way Alex Proyas shoot it, sometimes the pics get blurry but other than that, everything is . The plot, the way they (Nicolas, Chandler, Lara, etc) act, the location, even the scores! I like them! I even cried at the scene when Caleb was about to take off and how Jon release his son. And at the very last scene, when Jon came home at last, to be with his family (mom, dad,sister) and doing some group hug before they (and the world) were being swept off by the solar flame. It was such a heartbreaking scene! Oh my

At last, I'm having dinner with my mom at HayTien Restaurant, and she still asked me to finish off the food. MAN!

Well, some extras:
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