Fast & Furious + Blue Bloods!

I'm back people, miss me?

Well, that's what happen when you've got a pretty long weekend and a mom who (somewhat) more hyperactive than her own child. You're definitely be kidnapped to go somewhere, to the mall at most.

Anyway, first thing first. Last Friday, I watched Fast and Furious 4 at last! After a week of waiting and waiting for the right time to go to the cinema. I'd watched it!I like Fast and Furious, but I gotta say this, "I'm kinda disappointed this time." Compare to the other 3 before, I feel like there's something missing in this fourth movie; I don't know what it is - it's just something I can't explain. Maybe the lack of adrenaline-making-scene or the racing scene, I don't know. The racing didn't even enter the category of 'cool' for me - though the underground scene is cool (just a bit, because I feel the adrenaline rushed in my veins). And you know what, I don't even like the cars! Gah~ what's wrong with this fourth movie? (Paul Walker isn't as gorgeous as he was in the 1st movie, though Jordana Brewster is definitely pretty in the last scene!) So to say, there's nothing special in this Fast & Furious. I still prefer the first and the third one!

Let's move to the second topic: BLUE BLOODS! So, at last, I finished reading this book (Masquerade only, I haven't bought the Blue Bloods & Revelation). Only a couple of hours and *bam* finished already. Got to say that this book is definitely addictive, I can't put it down once I read it. It made the Twilight completely nothing compare to this Blue Bloods saga. Somehow Twilight seems like another 'dark' love story compared to Blue Bloods. This books show more complicated (and not to mention more glamorous -OF COURSE!) vampire affairs and the plot moves so fast unlike Twilight which plot moves rather slow because of Bella this and Bella that - no offense Twilight fans, I'm just being honest. But, this book also has its own strange quality (I can't say whether it is good or bad) because in this book, the vampire can also spell some magic - and that's make me think, is this a vampire novel or a witch novel?

Whatever, I still like this book! Two up for De La Cruz!

And you know, I browsing in Youtube and I found fan-made Blue Bloods cast. I've got some that are pretty interesting but only for a few characters. So, I was thinking about making my own cast for Blue Bloods! It will be interesting I'll let you know when I'm done with it.

So now, I'm somewhat obessed with vampire-mystical-thingy. Funny how things turn out, you know. After I finished hunting all 'Blue Bloods' saga book, I'll be hunting for 'House of Nights' series