A tale of Susan Boyle

I know this video from my friend, Leon, who somehow get obsessed with this lady out of the blue and just now he's kinda like promoting about this lady and how he's so in love with her He even told us all to registered and gave a comment about her video and a site dedicated to this lady.

So, the lady's name is Susan Boyle and she's 47 (yes, it's 47!). Don't be shock now people, cause it's only the beginning. Well, you might find it funny that a 47 year old lady with her clumsy attitude and all tried her luck to audition in Britain Got Talent. And I know, you all will think "What the heck is this lady doing in a place like this?", what's more one of the judges is SIMON COWELL - the no-mercy-in-judging judge I ever met but yet, I admired this man. He's the one who found Il Divo. So, I know that his taste is so damn good! I have to admit it.

Well, as you see, Simon got the same reaction as everyone else there and I bet that Simon had the same thought as I was (and everybody else) back there. But, we definitely can't judge the book by it's cover. This lady is SUPER-AMAZING when she sang "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables. It was fantastic and I was like where the heck did she go all this time? With that kind of amazing voice, she surely be flying high!

You should see all the judges' and the audiences' faces - especially Simon. It was like he was speechless and he even smiled a 'wow-this-lady-is-so-good!' smile. Stunned. Not to mention the other to judges, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, who look really... what? touched by her performance? The crowd as well, they turned from laughing, doubting, and even rolling her eyes (as seen in the video below) to roar of wow, clapping - even she 'moved' the crowd by raising them on their feet the moment she started to sing - and tears!

And it is such a story;
Susan Boyle, 47, single, never-been-kissed and lives only with her cat. As a child, she was a target of bullying because of her disability.
She told how as a youngster she was ruthlessly mocked by other kids because being starved of oxygen at birth left her with learning difficulties.

Spinster Susan - who has never had a boyfriend - said: "I was born with a disability and that made me a target for bullies. I was called names because of my fuzzy hair and because I struggled in class. I told the teachers, but because it was more verbal than physical I could never prove anything. But words often hurt more than cuts and bruises and the scars are still there."

And now, looks who laughing? In a matter of day, she became famous within the nets and blog and gossips site. Her video watched by many people from different country.

We really can't judge the book by it's cover. BRAVO SUSAN, you inspired many people!