Why there should be a subject name PHYSICS in this world? It is one heck of hell with all the equations and theory and blah-blah-blah. Mark my words, I WILL NEVER EVER choose a degree or majoring in anything that consists the word 'PHYSICS' when the time for me to choose has come. Who wants to study that hellish subject anyway?

Why I hate physics so much? Simple. I couldn't do today's test. It's the worst test I ever had in my life (okay, I'm exaggerating). But, it's not entirely my fault that I can't do it. Who's fault it is to arrange such a test together with MATHS test?! Are they crazy? Maths - with Physics in the same day? Do they have any idea how late I went to bed last night just to study ONE subject?

So, when I received the paper from my teacher, I was like "WHAT THE *peeep*!"

I just stared at that paper, feeling completely lost. I mean, I don't and I can't understand a bit of it !! What's worst, I can only do 1Q out of 12! Can you imagine how panic I am!? The marks of this test will be stored for our grade 12 mark! So, I really can't afford getting a RED mark. But, f*ck, I can't do anything! I'm hopeless - and desperate!

................ (the clock keep ticking)

At the last moment, like minutes before the bell rang, I managed to answer 7Q out of 10Q in the multiple choice and 1 essay question. It's not by miracle that I can do that, I tried some & CHEAT some! Well, It's the only way to save my marks! Got to do whatever it takes, right? So, thanks to my friends who kindly told me the answer of the essay - and even, some of the multiple choice.

But frankly, I still think my mark is in danger . I'm not sure that all the answer that I got was right. Gah~, what should I do? I'm sooo not interesting in retaking the test!

school's out for a week baby, yeah! Time for fun!!