Ein Tag in Mein Leben

Before I started on anything, allow me to wish Leonita a
which fall on the 18th of April. May God bless you always, have a wonderful sweet 17, babe and stay gorgeous~!

Anyway, let's get started. Last Saturday was so much fun - at least for me. I hung out (again) at Corks&Screw with Goethe's friends ah, I'm so in love with this place. Visit it yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's the atmosphere that I'm talking about.

It's all out-of-the-blue idea by Frau Martha who suddenly asked each and everyone of us to go and grab a lunch after DeutschKurz at Sushi Tei and everyone agreed. So, there we went. I went together with Opie and Fr. Martha with Opie driving her mini karimun while Yunita went with Fr. Inge's car.

Though there's a lil' incident before we arrived at Plaza Indonesia; well, Opie's car was caught by the traffic policeman hanging out near the Bunderan HI and I have to swear that he was the GROSSest policeman I've ever met! He flirted with Opie saying that she really looks like a bollywood actress and that kind of thing. Geez what kind of policeman is that? No moral at all! After all, we got away from him after he asked and we gave him 20 bucks!

Whatever, we still had a fun lunch at Sushi Tei though Opie didn't eat much cos she didn't like sushi as much as others do, but she ate nachos at Corks&Screw. Again, like the other day, we have so much fun and a lot of conversation - about young "Akiong", the incident earlier, how many times Opie got caught by the police (it's the fourth times by the way), well, a lot~!

Random pics of CRAZINESS