The world of ballet

I learned penchée in my ballet class today. And wow, you never know how much energy - and effort! - it takes just to do this movement (as shown in the pic). It makes my body aches, especially my waist and my butt! It was like "OH MY GOD" and the pain? Gah~ I can still feel it even till now

My friend once said to me that ballet is so graceful that she couldn't believe that it actually needed a lot of effort and energy. She couldn't even believe that I sweat! Maaaan~ If you only know the truth behind that graceful and elegant stage, you'll be shock.

Ballet is actually more than just a dance. It's also a sport. Every movement needs to be executed the right way. Every single detail is important. Phew, in one word, Ballet is HARD. It needs more than just stamina, but also efforts and sacrifices (especially in keeping your posture. It's so damn-important!). Like seriously , do you think it is easy to stand in pointe shoes and dance with that shoes on? Noo... it's not easy. Your legs must be strong enough to stand on that shoes.

But, that's what so amazing about ballet and why I fall in love with it in the first place. They all look like they have wings on their shoulder or something when they did all that. They done it so beautifully. Who knows how long and how hard they train to turn that hard-work-movement into such a natural, graceful and angel-like movement?

You'll never know.