journey to DAAD, exhausting!

I went to DAAD today with my Goethe's friends; Zung, Dita und Finna.
Well, what can I say? It's one heck of a journey to go to DAAD which is located at Summitmas Tower, Sudirman.
  1. We decided to meet at Senayan City at 12.30, but in fact, we met there almost 14.00 PM.
  2. Why did that happen? Well, simply put it this way: When I went there from my home, it was already 13.00 and when I got there. Zung, Dita und Finna had taken the wrong bus to Senayan, they're almost get carried away to BSD (well, bring Fr.Martha along then~)!
  3. As soon as they reached Senayan City, we bought some Vanilla Latte at Coffee Bean for a sec and directly went to Summitmas by taxi.
  4. But, eventually the traffic was pretty much heavy at that time so, we decided to walk after getting the direction to Summitmas.
  5. Phew, that's a pretty LONG walk (imagine walking from Ratu Plaza to FX)! Besides, the weather was soo HOT at that moment! I sweat a lot, and Finna's feet was hurt because of her pump shoes.
  6. But at last, we got there- to Summitmas! Yeay. We got so much information about Studienkolleg.
  7. After that, we went to FX because Dita said that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. So there we go~
  8. Eventually, there's nothing affordable for us there. So, we ended up eating Sour Sally but That's fine.
And lastly, I went to my mother's shop at ITC Kuningan by taxi and it costed me Rp.22.000! GEEZ~ I'm bankrupt! Not to mention, I'm so tired!

I'm pretty addicted with this song at this moment
大声 ダイヤモンド (Oogoe Diamond) by AKB48