My feet hurts.

First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Brenda and Nicholas who - at last - became an official couple yesterday.

Gee, you really owe me a story (and you definitely have to treat me something, a lunch maybe?) . Why didn't you both tell me about these? Why you Nick!? LOL, kidding . I'm happy for you both. You're my dummies.

Okay, my feet hurts today. It hurts much more than I can say and you know what? I can barely walk properly and why does that happen?

Well, today I went crazy with my friends, Nana and Holie, playing Pump it Up. We are such an amateur on this kinda thing, but we find it so addictive that we spent almost Rp.100.000,- just playing PIU. wow~

To tell the truth, I have never play this kinda thing before today. So, I'm a TOTAL amateur. That's why I kept on getting F . But, as we played and played and played... well, I finally getting an A! Twice! Yipeee.... Holie and Nana too, they've both played this before but when we first played this thing we kept getting F, but each of us finally getting an A.

But, when we finished. Damn, my feet hurts so much! It hurts because I - okay, we. But I'm the one whose feet are in the worst state - played PIU barefoot! Yea, it must be play barefoot, no shoes or slippers on. So... can you imagine how playing PIU can hurt our feets?

I have to put a lot more effort at my ballet & jazz class because my feet can't do a pointe, rise or releve. Gaah~

Anyway here's the video of today PIU battle. Just in case you want to see it

This is Holie (white) vs Me (black)

and this is Nana (purple) vs Me (black)

Sorry for the quality of the video