Gaah~! Can't help falling in love!

I was reading my previous post and I was like "WHAT THE HELL DID I WRITE ABOUT!?"
It was like I'm reading someone else's post; I mean - come on, though I admitted that I might become sensitive at the time, but the last post was so... gross. I was being an emo, a total emo! WTH!?

Ugh! Anyway, there's nothing special happening today. So I'm going to talk about NEWS!
Yeaa~ as you know, I'm in with this boy band from Japan, totally in love!

I remembered my first encounter with NEWS; it was like 1 year ago when my friend first introduced it to me one day by showing a music video of NEWS on her cellphone; at that time I wasn't interested at all. I just thought that it was another boy band from Japan, and to tell the truth, I'm not interested in Japanese boy band 'cos sometimes they're too ... well, eccentric (in my eyes).

So, the first song that I hear from them was "SUMMER TIME", and at that time was the time when Varin will be leaving Jakarta to States. So as a farewell gift, dummies decided to give her a music video of NEWS with our own subtitle - and yea, that music video was "SUMMER TIME".

It was the first time that I like their song and decided they're not so flashy (but still have some element of flashiness) and beside I spotted a very cool-cute guy which is Yamapi a.k.a 山下智久 who then became my fav #2 (in term of cuteness but #1 in term of coolness & the oh-so-seducing-eyes, LOL!). And as I learn about this band from lot of resources (from the internet), I fallen in love with Tegoshi-kun (手越祐). He's my #1!! He's so cute and I'm love with him. His vocal is amazing too~!

But still, it takes time to completely fallen in love with this band! Oh yes, it does. Well, I can't completely remembered the exact time I fallen in love with them. One day I wake up and I was completely in love - with the band, with the songs, with the members!

I started to hunt everything about NEWS; I watched their videos (silly videos about their tours, their interview, their TV show and even their CONCERT!). I downloaded their songs (and I have to admit that their songs are so good and pretty ear-catching, I can't stop listening to it!), anything. Just like what a fan would do. I'm so in love with them!

And oh, I also like the other members like Ryo-chan, Massu, Shige, and Kei-chan. They're all so hilarious (especially in the Never Ending Wonderful Story Videos) but I still 'heart' Tego and Yamapi at most!

Some of my favorite videos:

my favourite performance!

yamapi is so damn sexy!

kinda silly but funny