yeay... free time blogging

Some free time at last there's no test tomorrow so I'm definitely free today. Oh well, maybe not so free because I still have the Biology project on female reproductive system and a Maths homework (which I think I'm going to do it tomorrow morning).

Well, this kind of free time is kinda precious to me and it's pretty RARE! Usually, when I don't have tests tomorrow, I still have to go to my ballet class. But today, I'm totally FREE! No ballet class, no test, definitely I have to make the most of it! LOL

What's happening lately is that I'm getting pretty addicted with K-Pop although my love for K-Pop wasn't as big as to J-Pop. Maybe that's because I haven't found any interesting Japanese song lately so I moved to Korean.

I've downloaded a lot of Korean songs into my iPod in the past two days. Says: SS501, SHINee, Super Junior. Mostly boy band and mostly it is DBSK! Their song is pretty nice and I love JaeJoong(but not with the blonde hair, I like him better with black hair) ! The others are also good and easy-listening.

Anyway, speaking of songs, I really longed for NEWS' newest song which is Koi no ABO (if I spell it rightly), but I haven't found any good quality mp3 for that song yet *sobs*

I found my CHILDHOOD BESTIE, Maria Marcellina a.k.a Nina in Facebook! OH MY GOD, I miss her so much! She is my best friend and I never forget her. I was like screaming when I saw her on my confirm friend list! But, seriously, I miss her. We last met when we're still in elementary class 4 and since then I lost contact with her and look at her now, she's in the STATES! Nice huh?
Why do lots of my childhood besties are in the US while I'm stuck here? Gaah~
This is a pic of Maria, Me and Her Bro. LOL, I looked so ugly back then.