I'm officialy in love.

It's May and 김상범 a.k.a Kim Bum is so killing me lately

Many of you would guess that it is because of watching Boys Over Flower that I became head over heels with him. Well, the answer is yes but I've known Kim Bum long before I watched the series. First, it was Flo who introduced me to Kim Bum but at that time, I was just like "ah, okay, another korean idol" and to tell the truth, I've never like any Korean actors/actress at that time. I prefer Japanese.

De facto: Kim Bum is officially the first one!
I mean the first Korean actor that I fell in love with

and after that, I saw him in the Anycall ads where he starred together with Kim So Eun, and I've started to think "Okay, maybe he's not that bad after all." and when I watched Boys Over Flower, I was like "MAN~! THIS GUY IS SO HANDSOME!!"

okay, so maybe handsome isn't the right word. I prefer to describe him as CUTE! He got that certain childish face and that certain perfect-smile! When he's smiling, I don't know how to describe it but it's the perfect smile I've ever seen. I really want a guy who smile to me like he did one day . His smile is so sincere.

He's so damn adorable!
And you know, I was kinda wondering for some time:
Is my type of boy is the one with cute childish face and heart-melting smile?

Well, I'm saying this because I've realized it lately that mostly the guys that I think as a good-looking one is cute. Hmm... actually, it's my friend that made me realize it.
Here is the conversations which made me realized:

Y : Oh, that drama. Yea, I know. My friend is that-drama-freak too; the one with many PRETTY BOYS in it, right?
C : (quiet for a sec) Yea, that one.

Oh waaa... I was shock! Pretty boys!?

Another conversation:
Y : You know, even for me, I think "X" (talking about a boy in our class which I consider as somewhat handsome) is somehow pretty.
C : Really? (while remembering X's face)

and X is also PRETTY! gyahahaha...
This time, I'm not shock.
And there are some other guys in which I'm pretty interested but my other friend beside Y said that he's too cute! Gah~ Am I really that so into cute boys? I'm too still in love with guys like Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom. Those two can't certainly been called as PRETTY BOYS , right?