super duper bad mood.

I'm in a super duper bad mood today Better don't ask me why, cause I don't know how to answer that question either. It was all out of the sudden.Like the "bad-mood" spirit is possessing me since morning, and till now that "bad-mood" spirit hasn't decided to go. Seems like "they" enjoy hanging out with my emotion and ruined everything in my day.

No actual reason of why I'm acting like this. I haven't met any annoying incident yet and mom is trying to be nice with me since morning, she asked me whether I want to go with her to Mangga Dua (which I really dying for to go for the last few days because of my wardrobe supplies) but, yeah, I just simply ignored her.

*sorry mom*

Factors that made my mood worse and worst than it already is:
  1. I've gained weight too! SHIT! It's hard enough to keep my weight in the previous position and now I'm gaining another pound!? Great!! This mean, I can't eat my own birthday cake tomorrow! SHIT!
  2. It's sunny. Man, I hate sun!
  3. Where the hell is the POSTMAN!? He should be delivering my Titanium this day, I've it ordered last Thursday and I haven't got it yet! I want my book!

Can today be anymore worse?
It's the last day in my life being sixteen for goodness sake. Why can't things turned out well!?