5 (+2) for 17

5 things
I would be dying for my birthday

1. A Dell Inspiron 1420 lappie

It's my top #1 and a must in my every wish-list!
I've been drooling for this lappie for months!

2. A Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR Camera

Yea-yea, I also been dying for SLR camera for a while now.
Anyone interested on giving me this?

3. Driver's License

It's the wrong image I got there but it's the best one, so don't protest guys.
Anyway, I really want a driver's license
Why? So that I can 'flee' anytime everytime I wanted to!

4. Tons of BOOKS!

Give me books and I'll be so damn happy!
For now I'm yearning for these:
All Sarah Dessen's books, All Jane Austen's books
complete Au Pairs Series, complete It Girl Series
complete Blue Bloods Series, complete The Mediator series,
Complete Vampire Academy series, Complete Inheritance Cycle Series,
Complete Inkheart Trilogy, Complete His Dark Material Trilogy,
Complete Lord of The Ring Trilogy
Anna Godberson's Luxe, Rumours and Envy.

5. Haptic Cell with a cute strap

Well, I just want a new handphone
no specific reason, I simply love touch-screen lately.
Bored with slide-phone already.

unlikely to happened (at least now):


hell yea, this is definitely what I needed.
There's a lot of things that I want to buy;
from head to toes!

2. My very own Peugeot 206

simply love this car