10th June! Oh yea~

I have a total blast yesterday with Flo. Oh yea~ LOL! Okay, pardon me if I used the 'Oh yea~' thingy too much, I don't know why but I'm so into those words these days.

So, here goes nothing:
  • 10.00 AM : Left home, went to Flo's.
  • 10.20 AM : Reached Flo's and we went straight to Plaza Senayan
  • 11.00 AM : Reached Plaza Senayan, went straight to XXI but apparently they're not open yet
  • 11.30 AM : In Kinokuniya, doing some self-narcissism thing in the children corner.
  • 12.00 AM : Buy tickets at XXI and went to Zara, doing another silly billy milly self-narcissism
  • 12.30 AM : Step out of Zara, without buying anything and had lunch at Marche.
  • 2.00 PM : Finally finished with Pizza we ordered at Marche. Went downstairs to Hero.
  • 2.15 PM : Met Aaron at MOS Burger and Flo's other friend.
  • 2.32 PM : Directly went ahead, upstairs to XXI Studio 1 - Terminator Salvation.
  • 2.38 PM : Thank God, the movie hadn't started yet.
  • 4.40 PM : Movie finished. Went to Senayan City.
  • 5.00 PM : At Senayan City, met with Flo's friend, Ryan. Aaron went home.
  • 6.00 PM : Ryan went home. We went for a photobox session
  • 6.30 PM : Flo went home after buying Burger King. I wandered like a dummie around Senayan City and got stuck in TGA.
  • 7.00 PM : Decided that I'll be totally speechless at Senayan City I went back to Plaza Senayan.
  • 7.10 PM : At Starbucks, with Sarah Dessen's book and a Java Chip Frapuccino.
  • 8.17 PM : My mom arrived.
  • 8.39 PM : Went downstairs to grab some dinner at Bakmi Permata.
  • 9.05 PM : Went home.
  • 10.00 PM : Reached home What a DAY!

Anyway I broke my own record for staying at Senayan for 10 hours Nice.