shop daradum

As planned yesterday, I went shopping with my mom today. Oh yea~ I'm so damn happy man finally, after waiting for such a long time. I finally got the chance to shop. YEAH! LOL, okay, forgive my high-spirited behaviour about this kinda thing - like I never shop before.

Here's what I got today
not much but pretty worth it!
  1. Two Tank tops: Grey and Pink tank
  2. High Waist Shorts
  3. Suspender (finally!)

I also spotted a red tartan blazer, gladiator heels and also a cropped vest. Oh.My.God. I really want those stuffies, they're really cute and cool! But sadly I didn't bring enough money. Gosh, I was like, "Oh my baby... I don't want to let you go." I just stared and drooled at those 3 things continously, like a dummy.

But HEY, guess what? My mom said that she'll buy that red tartan blazer for me, tomorrow! OH YEAH! I love you mom You're my wallet-saviour. LOL!

I'm up for the next shopping session Anytime babe, there's still a lot on my list!

Anyway, speaking of list, I was so into these necklaces. I found these in korean site, livejournal and not to forget etsy! Oh man~ somebody, just buy me these! I beg ya!