school's out!

2 more days till the reunion of goat and cow
7 more days till my ZD Prufung

Woah. So this is what boring and speechless feels like bloggie. Oh dear I'm so out-of-words today and yet again, I got my damn writer's block. Man~ Can anything be anymore boring than it already is? Somebody just spare me from these boredom

Anyway, today is officially my last day as a grade 11 students. Oh yeay, so happy! Holiday, baby! Finally out of school, I just got to wait till the 'Judgement Day' (Report Card day) but who give a damn about it? Whatever, the fact that I'm finally free from school for a month... woa, it's just make me happy.

But the fact that I'm going to be a total senior next year doesn't make me jumping up and down. How can time flies away so fast? I'm going to leave my teenage year soon (not that I complained about that) and the busiest time of the year is yet to come. Being a senior is the year when you can never relax, especially at the start of semester 2.

How can I keep up with everything? I feel like everything in my life is hectic already, what will happened to me in my senior year? Geez...

Whatever for now, gonna think about it later. I'm going to shop with my mom tomorrow, or correction - maybe I'm going to shop tomorrow, that's if I found some good stuff. Oh.. really wish I find the stuff that I've been looking for

And before I end my post, I just want to ask a few question:
  • I want to buy a camera. But seriously, I'm confused. What should I buy? I really want a SLR camera, but that's so unlikely to happen. My starting fund is only 2.000.000, and it's hard to convince my parents to give me another 2.000.000 to buy at least 1 SLR camera. Some advice guys?
  • what is macarons? I knew it's a French cuisine but what exactly it is? A cake? Or what? I found a site that contains a lot pic of macarons and I really drooling myself over. It's not cute like cupcakes, but I really want to try some! Its color really attract me!
  • I want to make another blog, a fashion blog to be precise, but I don't know when I'm going to make it. But at least for now, I need a name for both the URL and Blog's title. Any suggestions? I want it to be unique, with a lil bit of retro-vintage feeling, or sassy-rebellious. All in all, I just want it to be unique.

Oh, I forgot, I joined this competition too. Hoping that I'll win some Ugg boots that I saw in Polyvore. It's pretty worth it if I win
ugg bootsugg boots