the greatest library I've ever found!


I think it's the exact word to describe all of it. I'm pretty much finished with everything at the moment, oh well except my life. It's definitely far from finished

Yeah, what I meant is that I'm finished with Grade 11 and now I'm in holiday and officially a grade 12's student. I've finished with grade B1 in Goethe-Institut and officially a B2 student starting next month. I've finished with my ZD Prufung, which I rather not to talk about and at last, I'm also finished with all the books that I buy. From Angels & Demons, Just Listen and Blue Bloods. I've finished reading them all. Really in desperate need of new books

Speaking of books, well, I've found this wonderful picture from twitter (YES! I have twitter peeps so do follow me @ cvqiie. You won't regret it )

Abbey Library St. Gallen,

Trinity College LIbrary, AKA, The Long Room,
(just look at those stacks of books! )

Herzog August Library,
Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germany

Biblioteca Geral University of Coimbra,
Coimbra, Portugal
(seriously UNREAL! It really looks like Beauty & The Beast Library! *drool*)

Library of the Benedictine Monastery of Admont,

Oh well, there's actually 20 of it, but I picked the one that I like most. I especially love the one in Coimbra, Portugal. I mean, seriously. It's like a fairytale library!