nervous so I look at Trentini

Uwah.. peeps, I can't help but nervous Tomorrow is so to be called as "THE DAY". Well, it's kinda hard to judge whether it's "THE good DAY" or "THE bad DAY". Or is it just somewhere in between? Who knows?

Here's what I do know people:
#1. Tomorrow is my JUDGEMENT day, or maybe in other words, it's my report-card day
#2. And yes, tomorrow my ZD (let's say it's like a Deutsch TOEFL thing) test will take place. Oh man, nervous is not the right word to describe my feeling right now. Okay, I feel like choking

Anyway, I found some of these fash-editorial while I was fash-browsing a while ago.

Magazine: Numéro (Issue #104)
Editorial: Baine de Soleil
Photographer: Sebastian Kim
Model: Caroline Trentini

Any fashion-freak will definitely know her. She's the one and only Caroline Trentini and yea, I love her so much beside Ali Michael. She's a real beauty