trekkie guys *smooch them*

Say, I just love this movie!

Okay, but before we started. Let's make thing clear first. First I'm not an Trekkie fans whatsoever, before I watched this movie. I used to think that all those Sci-Fi movie are beyond imagination and stars-wars, planet and all is just... well, really boring. I don't like it.

But, thanks to J.J Abrams who changed that perception of mine. Star Trek, this generation Star Trek is really funny! The plot is simple, but I like it. To tell truth I like all the actors and actress playing in it. They're the reason I watched this movie - okay, not all the reason. At first I was just curious about Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin, and second because Flo told me because it's a good movie. So, yea, I watched it.

And I LIKE IT ! It's so funny! Especially Pavel Chekov and his accent! *wicktor-wicktor* LOL, I can't stop laughing at that part! Not to mention, Chris Pine & Quinto too.. ah, they're all too funny!

Anyway, I won't be posting too much as I'm not in the mood of writing and describing. So I just post some pic of the guys, smooch them peeps They're THE BEST!

ANTON YELCHIN IS SO SO CUTE! But again, they're all cute!