BIG SHOCK, peeps!
another Jakarta bombing!

Okay, maybe not so big. but it's still a shocking incident that early in the morning, there's already two bombing in Jakarta, South Jakarta to be exact, and it happened in the two most luxury hotels in Jakarta which is JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Jakarta.

I was in school when these happened and all of the sudden, it became a trending topic in my school. Everyone was like talking about it, yea.. even me. I read it from the news that the first explosion happened inside Marriott at 07.45 AM and two minutes later, there's another explosion, coming from the nearby hotel which is Ritz Carlton. They said that there are 9 victims, dead.

Here's the news:

Based on the latest news, the two powerful explosions hit the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels Friday morning in the Indonesian capital, killing at least 9 people including four foreigners, and 41 peoples badly injured, 14 foreigners, including the United States and Canada citizens. From the nine people, six peoples dead in JW Marriott Hotel, two in Ritz-Carlton hotel and one dead in Medistra Hospital.

JW Marriott


Mr.Timothy McKay, CEO of PT. Holcim, one of the victim of Ritz Carlton Jakarta Bomb.

Now, it is all over the channel, wherever I flip the channel, it's talking and discussing about the bomb. Many speculations are there, but no one really know the truth behind these twin-bombings.

And ever since the morning shock of bombing, there's a lot of rumors that there are still around 40 unactive bomb in Jakarta. My friend received a sms about it. More? There are burned car in Angke Highway. First they said that it's bomb, and another said it's because of the tire exploded, but some said it is both. There are victims of course, I heard two are dead.

And there are news about MU and the cancellation thing about coming & playing in Jakarta. I don't know, there's a lot of news today. Such a day.