Going to the FINAL!

Just writing and telling is so boring, so I'll make today's post in a different format: INTERVIEW!


Hello there. Congrats on making it to the final.
Wow, thanks!

Don't you want to introduced yourselves to the readers?
Oh well, okay. Mm.. how do I start? I'm Carissa, but a.k.a Vicky in my ballet class and I'm an Intermediate Foundation student in Namarina West Jakarta branch.

Okay, Vicky. How do you feel about yesterday? When you knew that you're actually made it to the final?
I guess I'm happy. There's no word to describe it. I mean, yea... I'm happy and proud that actually I get what it takes to make it this far.

Tell us, what did you do the day before the semifinal round?
Mm... practicing?

Hahaha... well then, let's change the question. Tell us about your preparation, how did you practice etc?
I practiced in such a small space, you know, apartment. So, I just practiced my balanced, doing arabesque and all. Also I practiced my pirouette, making it more perfect than before. And this might be a lil' silly, but I recorded myself when I'm practicing.

Wow. Such an ambition, huh? And that's not silly at all, Vick. I guess I'll do the same. And now, tell us about the day, everything.
7.30 AM : I woke up and basically did nothing aside from eating breakfast and watching cartoons.
8.00 AM : took a bath and preparing myself for the day such as doing make up and making buns.
9.20 AM : went to the venue (STC - Senayan Trade Center)
9.50 AM : Arrived at STC but it's not opened yet. But thank God, McD is open 24 hours so I went there to meet my friend - Holie and her mom - who's already arrived from 9.00 AM.
10.00 AM : Nana arrived and decided to have a breakfast first at McD
10.20 AM : Went up to 6th floor, get a number, and went straight inside to the hall. Parents wait outside.
10.30 AM : Doing a lot of other preparation, such as tying our shoes, checking our skirt, putting up more make up (in case it's already gone). Yeah, it's busy time. Warming up at the side of the hall.
11.00 AM : Hall is open and so parents & audiences streamed into the hall.
(from now on I don't really know the time well, I didn't wear my watch anymore)
11.10 AM - 12.10 PM : Semifinal Round of Category 1.
12.10 PM - 1.10 PM : Semifinal Round of Category 2 (I'm in this category).
1.10 PM : Recess for about 55 minutes.
2.05 PM : Start of Semifinal Round of Category 3.
2.05 PM - 2.40 PM : Grade 7 and 8 Demo.
2.40 PM : A little session of Q&A with the semifinalists while waiting for the results.
3.00 PM : The Results is out, and apparently I made it to the FINAL!
3.05 PM : A lot of congrats here and there and I ordered a costume for the final.

Such a day. Are you tired?
Very. Much more than you can imagine, but I'm undoubtedly happy. It all paid off

Well, you told us about the whole day. How about your feelings? I mean, not after you know you made it to the final. Before it. How do you feel? Nervous or... anything?
Of course nervous. Who doesn't? Especially before performing. I'm so drop dead nervous, I'm afraid that I'll make a silly mistake when dancing. But, when it's all over I'm so relieved.

Speaking of mistake, did you make a mistake back then?
Mm.. not until the last part of the demi-character dances. I was late, like a second. But it's no biggie.

Before the results is out, are you wondering whether you made it to the final?
Yea, of course. But I don't really give a thought about it. I've done my best and so let the judges decide whether I'm worth it in the finals or not. No hard feelings. But, before it, I just got the feeling that I'll make it to the final.

And why is that?
Because first, I've done my very best. I feel like I executed every movement perfectly. I feel... I don't know it's just hard to describe how you feel when you're dancing. I feel I got the sense, the connection with all the movement and so I can executed it all perfectly at that time and dances it like it came from the heart. Eventually, the judges saw it. Thanks God. My hard work paid off.

Yea, indeed. I can see it, and you prove you are right. What your most perfect moment back then?
My perfect moment? Wow, I guess it's the Grand Jete in Waltz. I don't know how others thought (esp. the teachers) when they saw it, but for me? It's perfect Feels like flying.

What motivates you that day?
Actually, a lot. My teacher said something encouraging, my friends support me and of course MJ. LOL. Yea, that's right. Michael Jackson. I was inspired by him, his figure and Rev. Al Sharpton speech at MJ Memorial (which I watched again the day before).

Okay, move one to the next question. It's almost over, Vick. Tell us about your costume.
Uwaah... that, I can't really tell.

Not even a hint?
Well, it's Benhur in color. Like a royal blue. It's a nice color for sure.

Last question, when is it? The final?
It'll be held in 26 of July in TIM. Come and watch, okay?

Sure do. Once again, congratulation for making it this far.
this is me,
with all the happy aura after the competition