July is in the house!

It's July my fellow peeps and bloggie Okay, maybe you just wondering what's so special about July? Well, actually... it's the combination of good and bad news altogether. So, how shall we start this post today? Good or bad first?

Okay, I'll choose bad. In just two weeks, 15 of July to be exact, I'll be back to school and as you know, school is my personal hell on earth. So yea, it's bad news. And know what? I'm a SENIOR, which I'm happy because I'll be graduating soon but also sucks, because it'll be the busiest year for me (and hardest maybe?)

That's it about the bad parts, now come the good parts. Oh yea, excited, aren't you? Well, the good part is that I'm going to have MY SEMIFINAL ROUND! Oh my God, how exciting is that? ah yes, I haven't told you, I passed the first round of my ballet competition and now I'm one of the semifinalist! The semifinal round will be held in STC (again) in 12 July. So wish me luck again peeps. Really-really need it!

And one more thing about July, well... my crush's birthday is in this month

Anyway, I've been trying to watch some TV series these days, actually, I'm starting with Heroes, but I don't know why, I get kinda bored so I tried and watched Skins. Well, what I can say about this British Teen Drama is that - you really need to be 18++ to watched this (or at least, in the age where you're considered ADULT)

Seriously Skins is so dirty, all about those making out thing, drugs, sexes, foul languages.. it's a serious bad influence if you're still kid (12-16 years old can't watch this drama, in my opinion) but despite all of that things, I still watch this. I think the story is pretty good with all their own problem. I love EFFY STONEM!

And, one more thing, I've been planning to watch "A Very Long Engagement" which is a French movie played by Audrey Tautou and Gaspard Ulliel Anyone ever watched this before? Is it good? Tell me. Here's the trailer and with that I bid you my goodbye.