still not over you.

There are times when I feel like I have enough of you,
and yet, later on, I found the most disturbing fact I ever know,
that I'm still not over you.
I thought I have, but eventually, no.
Not yet.
and I'm sick of it.
I tried, and thought that I already fallen for the other,
but still... I found myself looking for a shade of you in my life.

All of these, it's just like a cycle,
and a prison that I can't never get out of.
I'm trapped.
Every time I thought I been through it all,
every time I thought I'd already stepped out of it.
You came, and you ruined it.
I'm back & trapped.

I just don't get the fact
of why you can became such an addiction.
There are something in your eyes,
that capture my soul.

Yes, I know.
Because there are a reason.
There MUST be a perfect reason,
of why I can't never let go.
The problem is,
I don't know what the reason is.

And you taught me what this feels like.
And then how it feels to lose it.
And you showed me who I wanted.
And then who I wasn't.
And you ticked every box.
And then drew a line.
And you weren't mine to begin with.
And then not to end with.
And you looked like everything I wanted.
And then became something I hated.
And you get thought of every day.
And then not in a good way.
And you let me leave.
And you almost killed me.
But I didn't die.
Only dying.