A wedding to attend.

So, it's been a week, huh? Wow. Even I barely noticed how inactive I have been lately with blogging. If you ask me where I'd been? Well, probably I will just throw out the same answer like I always did "I'm busy". Okay, correction, maybe not that busy but at least I got activities to be done out there and hell, I've been missing school lately and I've got a lot to catch up. Damn~ not an easy thing to do.

Anyway, yesterday (8.8.09) I went to a wedding and I know, maybe some of you will think "what's so special about going to a wedding party? We're all have been to a party before." Okay, sooner or later I also will have to admit that this wedding party is anything but extraordinary - it's so usual, the same like any other wedding party you attend. But, the special thing was IT'S A GODDAMN CELEBRITY WEDDING and hell YES! I attended a celeb's wedding.

Exaggerating? Pardon me, guys. Okay, why can I attend this wedding is because of my mom's connection. She's friend with the bride, and that's why we get the invitation. In case you're wondering who is it, well, it's nothing so special (I'm not really a big fans of Indonesian's celeb). It's Badai's, Kerispatih's drummer. My mom is acquaintance with Echi, her girl. Oh, and in case you don't know, Kerispatih is a band in Indonesia.

Echi, Badai & Me
@ Dhanapala Auditorium, Senen.

Honestly? As I said before, the wedding was an ordinary one. But, hey, at least that's one hell of an experience, right?

And oh, I GOT MY HAIR CUT! GEEZ! My hair is so short that I almost cry! Goodbye long hair. *sob*