wish and resolutions

After a week of living in the same pace as I was before. I think it's time for me to move on, changed and list some resolutions for me to do in this year. It might not much, but at least I make some effort to change the way I am right now :)


#1. Be an OPTIMIST!
#2. Oversensitive is so over.
#3. Never give up easily
#4. Trust the voice within
#5. Smile more :)
#6. Be lovelable & more sociable
#7. Less Internet, Study More
(well, this one might need much more than an effort)
#8. Treasure Life each day, Live without any regret
#9. Being Miserable? Off the list.
#10. "Whatever" is also off the list.

2010 Wishlist

#1. Graduate with flying color
#2. Go to Germany
#3. Stronger ankle for Pointe work
#4. Successful Grade 6 Exam
#5. To be able to dance "Paquita 4th Variation" & "Esmeralda Variation" before 18
#6. One step closer to crush
#7. Finish one of my "Tsujimarus" Story