A toast for "Mit Erfolg"?

Before I started with anything else, I want to start my post with: I've got "MIT ERFOLG" in my Deutsch Certificate. Argh!! Not actually a good result this time, because usually I get "MIT GUTEM ERFOLG" which means I usually get an "A", but now I got a "B"!

Man~ How can this be? I take a peek at my total, average marks and guess what? It's only 7.1! I don't know whether I should be thankful or not. Maybe no, because I'm pretty sure I can score much higher than 7.1 if I don't failed at my last 'lesen verstehen' test! Argh!

But, whatever. So, besides getting my certificate and blah-blah-blah at last Saturday (15 March), I went with Ica, Opi, Yunita and Fr. Marta and hung out for a while at The Harvest & Corks&crew, Plaza Indonesia.

Well, that day, I was supposed to hang out with my dummies friends but eventually I can't because there's no transportation and so, I went with them instead. Kinda celebrating our last day as B1.2 student. LOL. It's kinda funny, you know, hangin out with them - because of our ages; from a married woman, 2 college student, a single woman, and the youngest - me - a high school student! But, it's so much fun and we get by easily, from our talks and all, like there's no difference between the four of us.

At Corks&Crew, we hung out for about 2 hours. And it was there that I taste my FIRST WINE - Red wine, George Doeuff. Hahaha, I'm not officially and legally an adult yet (still have two months before 17th birthday) but I think it's alright. After all, wine is wine, right? It's not that alcoholic and I only try a sip or two. I can't really describe the taste, but it's fine; I can say that, right? Well, at first the four of us was going to ordered a bottle of wine. But Opie couldn't drink because she's driving and I'm still underage. So, instead of having a bottle of wine, we end up ordered another drinks. I ended up order a strawberry peaches mocktails + Nachos.

And you know what? That night, I felt like I was carrying stones in my left side of my head. It's so heavy. Hahaha. Not something serious, I took a 30 minutes-sleep and when I woke up *bloosh* it all gone in an instant.

Well, well, somehow, I still remember the taste of the wine in my tongue and I WANT moree.. LOL