Hey there bloggers. It's been a long week, huh? And even I haven't got the chance to post whatever going on with my life recently. I've been so busy with tests and all, and really hate to say it: I studied hard, real hard till I didn't get enough sleep every night, but still, I couldn't do the test. Man~ That really are... annoying, and frustrating, you might say.

Well, anyway, there's nothing special lately. So other than my ranting about my life, my school, I think there's nothing more. I've just finished my breakfast a while ago, and after this I have to take a bath and go to my DeutschKurz. So, let's get it fast, shall we?

Randomly what happening in my week:
  1. Nothing beside tests, tests, tests and tests! Arrgh~
  2. There's an event going on in my school last Thursday (12 March). It's a campaign held by Metro TV and Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa against the DRUGS - and a debut performance by LOST PLANE! My school's band.. kyaa~
  3. And lately, I've been so into with NEWS. OMG! They're the best!
Anyway, I think I better go and take a bath now. My dad is yelling now and then.
So, Ciao~

PS: Wish me luck, today is my 'report card' from Goethe-Institut will be given out.