Pasir Mukti... torture under the sun

Geez. Again. Another day have passed and here I am, almost passing out because I'm so so tired from today's school activities.

Well, today the high school section was having a study tour. Grade 10 went to Waduk Jatiluhur, and me, us, grade 11, went straight to Pasir Mukti. I don't know where it is exactly but what I do know is, the journey there only take around 1 and half hour (using the highway & in the morning - clearly no traffic jam).

It's so tiring and it's so damn-HOT there! So, the programs were set up to be like these:
  1. We were brought to the fields, a real rice fields and learned how to make biopore. We even see a real cow there.
  2. Then, after an hour or so at the field, we moved up to hidroponic section and the tour guide each and everything but I didn't listen. The heat is killing me.
  3. Oh, and we're also shown how to 'mencangkok'. I don't know what it is called in English.
  4. And after we're going for fishing - it's lunch time.
  5. We had free hours for like 1 & half hour again. I played Uno with my friends.
  6. After that, it's time for our chosen program; our options are planting in the rice fields, painting 'caping' and planting hibiscus. But eventually, my friends and I decided that we'll pass and went for a walk around the garden. We had our kodak moment and all, and we're singing and laughing as we walk through the garden. (Even if it is REALLY hot! It's 13.00. Just imagine how hot it is!)
  7. We went back to our buses at 15.30, but we left Pasir Mukti 16.00 and stopped at Tajur for about an hour or so. At 17.15, we went home.
Well, my bus arrived safe and sound at school at 18.30. But, I didn't went straight to my home. My friends & I decided to have a dinner at the nearby Pizza Hut and after bla-bla-bla... I reached home at 21.00.

So, it does make sense if I'm so tired right now. and DAMN!!
I have DEUTSCH-TEST tommorow!

Some photos:
(Courtesy to Ruben & Leonita for some of these photos)