My brand new polkie skin

Okaaa~y people, scribblebabble is finally back from its long hibernation period and so do I. Well, I'm a bit different though, like there is enough time for me to hibernate anyway. I've been busy and that's why I put scribblebabble on hold for a brief moment.

And while putting scribblebabble on hold, I was thinking about changing the skin - and I did change the skin. Many people commented about how cute and nice my last skin was (well, the very pinky and girly one - thank you all for commenting!) but why did I change it?

#1. Okay, I might be comfortable around cute and unique things, but I'm not that comfortable around the color of "PINK".
#2. Somehow, it really doesn't suit my rebellious image.

And so, the conclusion? I've changed it. I searched for another good basecode and I editted every lil' piece of it then, TA-DAA... here comes my #3 new skin! Took me days before getting the best final result. I searched the best icons that suits my skin for days!

As you see, there was a lot of icons of girls wearing big-nerdy-glasses. *giggles* well, it's been my obsession for the last few days, and I really like it - the big glasses I mean. It's so unique! The other things are koreans, I've put a lot of korean pictures here, esp. K-Fash. I'm also obsess with these K-Fash & K-Pop thingy for the moment. I think they all look so cute. Oh! Don't forget about Zooey Deschanel, I put her pic too in my profile. Another why? Well, I think she's got quite a look in her face that makes me like her, she got her own style - and expression!

To sum up, this skin have the essence of cute vintage - which I think picture my personality. I'm pretty satisfied with my works! Yippie

how about commenting on my new skin?

My W760i is back, she's back!! Oh baby, I miss you so much!