Hello people. I'm back from an exhausting day of mine. Why is it exhausting?
#1. because I'm still sick (I still have the damn-annoying-cold and that's somehow making me much more weaker physical state, which is not quite good)

#2. because I went to a lot of place today and that's surely exhausting. I mean, who wouldn't be? I went straight from the morning till night. (07.00 AM - 07.30 PM)
Brief Story:
Actually, today is a 1-day-holiday for grade 11th, but eventually, I still have some history assignment to do which is we have to go to Lubang Buaya (not an exciting place to learn history - 'cos all you learn was how PKI betrayed Indonesia and all that stuff. Sorry guys, things like histories aren't my stuff).

So, I went there with my group and take some picture of this and that and after that, we went straight to Pacific Place to grabbed some lunch at Pancious, and at the same time we also celebrating Brenda's birthday.

Then, we fly again (from Centre of Jakarta to North of Jakarta) to Emporium Pluit Mall and play many games at Timezone. I didn't stay long with my friends there, I have another place to go, which is Namarina. Surely, I can't missed another ballet class so I decided to go to my ballet course instead of having fun & buying Sour Sally with my friends. At last, I reached home at 07.30 PM and bad news is my body isn't feeling well right now.

okay, WTH (where the hell) is Nicolas & Pacul?
They should be in this photo too!

And anyway, I've got something in my mind lately and I have to shared it before my brain explode with curiosity. Long story short, there's a guy in my class, assumed his name is X. He's no where near what I called as 'handsome', well, he's pretty ordinary; at least for my type. But he did have something extraordinary, which is extraordinary QUIET! He never talked to anyone at class, maybe only once a lil' while, but it is so rare and whenever the class clowns joke around and doing silly thing. He will just do NOTHING! I mean, seriously. He did smile, but only a little. It was just like it was his nature to be like that, but I heard that outside the class, especially in the gamers community, he was nowhere to be like that.

He never got much attention, but strangely, lately his 'too cool' figure in the class drives my curiosity. Okay, it wasn't like I have some feeling for him or what. I was just curious about him. He can't be called as a nerd, as he wasn't and he certainly doesn't dress like a nerd and he like to sleep in the class (certainly not a nerdish behaviour).

Well, gomen ne ore de but I was so damn-curious about quiet man; it was like they're keeping a secret or something like that. LOL. Crazy-talk.