being a psycho is fun!

I've got a confession to make:

Well, I was being a one-day-psycho yesterday
The thing is yesterday I was having a practicum, biology practicum. You know, the one involving rats, chloroform and scissors and knife. The cut its body up and watched their organ practicum.
Actually I'm not a psycho in the heart. I do pity the rats that were being cut up by us all. I even hesitated to cut the rat, but somehow after the process of cutting and watching all the organ, and even after watching Leonita and the boys doing some cutting here and there in the body of (I don't know the English name; this animal look like somekind of house lizard, medium size) tokek, I was kinda trigger by something and I even joined in the 'sadistic' process if that what you'll call it.

So, first... the boys wanted to cut tokek's tail. But they're all to... afraid to do so (maybe) so half of them were only documenting using their handphone, and it was that time that the sadistic process begun. Leonita came and cut its tail. It was moving here and there when she cut the tail, even after she cut it to 4 pieces! Just imagine. After that, with a lots of curiosity and all ... she started to cut out its stomach to see what's that tokek ate. She even cut its 'ball' (testis). Both of them. Gosh~! That's... truly the definition of sadistic. The other girls who were watching us just gave an "euu" or "Oh my God, Le." while the boys still documenting the process.

We got more curious than ever, and so.. we decided to cut out its head. And that's when I joined the process of being a one-day-psycho. We both (Leonita and I) tried to cut out its head. It was difficult at first, but with some energy we did it. We also cut out its eyeball. So, it's also sadistic & psychotic.

Ask me if I was sick while I did that thing?
Well, actually no. I don't know what runs in my blood. I never got sick of blood or cutting animal body up to pieces like that. Strange, huh? It's just out of my curiosity.

Go #8!

It's raining today and I didn't realized it.

Today as soon as the bell rang, I went straight to the hall and get to know that today's basketball match was between Diakonia and Kalam Kudus. With no more doubts and all, I just sat down at the available seat near the scoreboard and watched the match. I didn't give a second thought about how I'm going to go home, I just want to watch player #8 from Diakon. I felt like giving another plus poin for him 'cos he's so skillful. My~!

And, okay, what else? Again, I can't take my eyes away from him; and several other player who just as skillful as he is (he still took 85% of my attention) just like the other day. In the end, Diakon won against their opponent but I'd learned from Yosafat that even though they've won, they couldn't play anymore and it was like, my last chance to see him. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah, whatever.

So, when the match ended and I want to go home, I realized that it was RAINING! Oh. my. God!
I didn't count on that one. Now, how am I supposed to go home? Geez.. It getting hard every second and I got stuck in school and no one can picked me up or dropped me home. Man! Thank God, my friends were still in school so time passed by quickly - well, not so quick. And somehow, I was praying that this guy I'm crushing, the #8 guy didn't go home yet and I'm lucky he didn't . I still met him at the hall. He was waiting for the rain to stopped with some of his friends and some girls from my school *jealous? haha. maybe* I still secretly peeped at him once in a while. After all it's my last chance to see him, right?

Not long after I realized that the rain had changed into light rain, I decided to go out as soon as possible and found an 'ojek' - it's my only hope to get home. I can't afford a taxi with my pocket money. Damn~ it's too expensive. So, while I was searching for an ojek, he & his friends passed by. He was riding his own motorcycle, not a vespa and not just an ordinary motor; kinda big motor I think. Again, maybe. I can't see it that clear, especially when my vision was a lil'bit blur by the drizzle. *sigh* He's cool.

GEEZ... maybe I should ask his phone number or something! I wish I could see him again, and even get to know him.

Gandhi A's soccer team LOST!! No hope for the soccer section.

shei's b.bash

Well, Monday isn't the best day ever.

I never like coming back to school after having so much FUN in the weekend. It's kinda like a killjoy for me especially if I still have some trance from the last Saturday's party - Sheiren's Sweet Seventeen party.

It's not a really big or glamorous party or whatsoever, but it really is fine with me since I don't really like big party and all. The party was held at Hotel Alila's Ballroom in the 3rd floor and it started at 08.00 PM (though in the invitation said it was 06.30) but I've been there like forever... in fact, I've been there since 03.00 PM. I don't mind at all. It was fun. I was rehearsing our ballet dance with Putri till 05.00 PM and after that I spent the rest at my time in Sheiren's room upstairs with her family while her stylist was doing something with her hair, and her face. All in all, everything that has to do with her and she turned out to be VERY PRETTY!

The party itself was fun. There's foods, games, shows, and dance floor! I like the dance all night part. It was like I were in a mini-nightclub but the BEST thing that ever happened in the party is the MC. There was one MC, and he's so DAMN-CUTE! His name is Chandra I manage to get a shot with him at the end of party, even his email address. Yippiee :D

And somehow, I found out that this world is suuuch a small world! I met two of my schoolmates from the social class, which is Dick and Nicholas. What makes this world even smaller, is that Nicholas was with Victoria at the party. And then, Chandra - Chandra himself, he is Leonita's friend! And I found out that he is my friend's ex. So, could anyone tell me just how small this world? So, it wouldn't surprise me anymore.

Here's some photos:

the last photo was with Chandra; but I definitely look like a crap there.
What can I say? It's almost 12 o'clock and I were pretty exhausted.


I watched Gandhi Cup again today, and so did I yesterday. But, that's not the reason I'm not blogging yesterday. I've some kind of issue in which I couldn't escape from and that's definitely and for sure is PHYSICS TEST! Geez, the word PHYSICS itself is more than enough to shivered me inside and out . To the hell with Maths test. I don't care 'cos in the end, I know we'll end up cheating and that is exactly what happened in the class today.

So, back to the topic before - Gandhi Cup. Well, I watched basketball match between St.Peters and MGS, and then the soccer match between my school and smandu. MGS won, and my school lost. What a shame. Come on, Gandhi! Cia yo! You can do it!

OH. MY. GOD. Yesterday was like my personal heaven on earth! Here it goes:
Yesterday, I've a PE lesson at the hall - last period as usual - and at the same time as my PE lesson started, the basketball team from both Diakonia and Kristo 2 arrived & waited at the hall, before the game started.
At first, I was like, "Gee, why can't they just wait outside?" It's kinda disturbing to have 'em watching us, I don't know. I just felt uncomfortable. That's all. PE lessons went the way it was and there's nothing we can do about it. After having some warm up exercise, Sr. Yap told the girls to practice under ring alone while he's taking marks from the boys. And what else can we do? We practiced then, with a bunch of boys from Diakonia at the left side of the ring (where we praticed) sat and waited. It's uncomfortable at first. Why?
  1. A bunch of unknown boys was sitting there while we (I) practiced.
  2. There might be a possibilites that they're watching us (out of their boredom of waiting)
  3. And, who knows what they're thinking about when they watched our poor skill in playing such an easy ball (for them).
But, I got used to it.So while I were practicing, I spotted a boy, a good-looking (not really my type, but it's fine) one in my opinion, and I just couldn't take my eyes away from him. Curious, I decided to stay and watched the match and watched him of course. LOL. After all, I'm just a girl a single girl to be exact.

He's number 8 and despite some of his 'lebainess' a.k.a exaggerating behaviour, he's a pretty good player. Even my friend, Yos, admitted it.

Plus poin for him.

And there's even a message sent to him through the 'dudu' service.

Another plus poin.

Well, I didn't speak out my mind out loud that I was eye-crushing on him. But, I did managed to know his name - it started with the word F.

I went straight to my computer as soon as I'm home and surfed through my FB account and with some luck, I found his FB + FS! Am I great or what? LOL and guess what? He ADD me, few days ago. I don't know the exact time (cos I usually ignored my friend request) but he ADD me! WOW.

I've been thinking lately, is he the one that I spotted at technical meeting, sitting at the stairway? I'd always wondering who is he, and this boy, he look like him. Maybe. I don't know. Man~ I'm dying to know him! I wanna talk to him!!

LOL. Sorry guys, I know I'm such a boy-craze.

And, to end my long-lasting post;
tomorrow dummies will go and celebrate Rosi's birthday. Wish I could come! There'll be dummies + darma, kocok, nicholas, pacul, and welly! I bet it's going to be a lot of FUN! But, I have my own party for tomorrow.

a gay song

Lately, the boy in my class - well, okay, not just in my class, but almost all the boys that I know - are crazy about this pretty silly music videos, which is 'Touch My Body' and 'We Belong Together' after the era of 'C.I.N.T.A' is over. Mariah Carey's? Yeap, it is. But with a SUPER SILLY lyrics!!

This is the 'Touch My Body' MV - sang by a korean boy. Geez.

AM activities

4.30 AM : My alarm went crazy but I didn't realize it at all.
4.45 AM : Well, at least, I realized that I'd been disturbed by the non-stop calling alarm.
5.00 AM : Still sleeping , ignoring my alarm that went crazy every 5 minute.
5.20 AM : At last! I woke up and went straight outside my room, just want to take a peek on today's breakfast. LOL
5.36 AM : I'm ready. Wore my damn uniform already and ate my mantao - which was my breakfast while reading and revising for my biology test.
6.00 AM : went to school and slept again in the car.
6.18 AM : reached school and the school started 10 minutes after that. Had a little time to copy some of my undone homework.
9.35 AM : End of BIOLOGY... not satisfied. Recess.
10.05 AM : TEST again, this time Chemistry. To the hell with studying, I chose another way out; cheating. *giggles*
11. 05 AM : End of test. What can I say?

PM Activities

1.45 PM : At last... school activities end here. phew.
1.55 PM : Went straight to Putri's house. sleep throughout the journey.
2.35 PM : Reached Putri's house, but she's not home yet.
3.05 PM : Putri's home with Sheiren. Started our today's practice.
4.38 PM : Dance practice ended. Sweats all over my body. Went home.
5.10 PM : Reached home. Ate Pringles. Drank Yakult. Went to sleep (such a pig!) still in my uniform.
6.25 PM : My maid woke me up. Ate my dinner.
7.45 PM : Took a bath. HAHA.

... till now : in front of my comp. surfing the internet. intended to do some of my homework but too lazy to get the book out of my bag. LOL

what a boring routine.
Well, I was chatting with flo just a moment ago and get to know that she was doing or taking some personality test from I got curious and I tried it. Here's some of my result:

Get To Know Yourself Better

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Hmm... is it really? I'm mature? LOL Well, that's flattering somehow. But, the 'what are you most afraid of' is sooo true.

Here's another one:

The Clothes You Wear

What others see from your style

Although to the untrained eye you may seem like a plain dresser who avoids trends, you actually wear carefully designed accessories and clothes that emphasize your uniqueness. You value your freedom and have an artistic mind. You are neither aggressive nor timid, but you believe in yourself.

What your nightclothes reveal

You're in need of love. You want to be taken care of and panic easily. You have a strong wish for security in your life.

What others see from your ties

You are a caring people. You are romantic, witty, and easygoing. You compromise rather than confront, and love nature.

What others see from your belts

If there's not a single belt in your wardrobe, you like freedom and are opposed to all kinds of rules. You are creative and very good at work that requires you to stretch your imagination. Your main downfall, however, is that you can be very moody.

What others see from your shoes

You're very young at heart. You regard freedom highly and don't like to be controlled by a set of rules. You don't like conflict, will compromise wherever possible, and are hardworking people. Occasionally you can become vulnerable when having to face problems, especially emotional ones.

What others see from your earrings

You are probably an independent and strong-willed person. Fairness is important to you, and you always stand up for what you believe in. You are friendly and get along well with people.

The last analysis

You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.

Occasionally you can become vulnerable when having to face problems, especially emotional ones. Totally agree with this one and this one; like to spend time alone with your thoughts.
There are more, but I think these two are better than the other. It still flattered me somehow that in every test that I took, there always the word 'mature' in the result.

Man~ can you believe it? Me? Mature? I feel like LOL-ing anytime now.
A'right, so what was the first thing that stuck in your mind if I tell you two words:


Seriously, like what was the first thing caught in your mind? Cos I really do, in desperate need of inspirations. Here's the thing, there's a party coming up next week and I'm going to attend it (of course!) but, there's just this one thing; DRESS CODE.

The dress code is Elegant Glamour with no bronze and no white. When I read this in the invitation that was given to me a few days ago, I was like "O~kay.. what should I wear?" The word elegant and glamour just go spinning in my head as I tried to remember each and every stuff I had in my closet. But, definitely no luck. A girl like me really doesn't have something that suits the word like elegant and glamour.

I made up my mind and surfed through the internet instantly. I really need inspirations before I go around and buy things that I'll only use if there's a party coming up. So, here a few things that I found:

#1. Valentino
My number 1 favourite!
Ain't it GORGEOUS? but eventually, I have to give up this option. Why? 'cos it is WHITE!
#2. Doo Ri
Simple and Unique! I LIKE IT!
#3. Salvatore Ferragamo
When I saw this one.. I was like, "oh my~ it's sooo coool!" but, the hair? Nah, don't think so.

Man~! Besides, I still have problem with the make up and the bags. Of course, I'll need a bag or at least a clutch!
Before I start with my babbling and all, I just want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my fellow dummies friend and crew who just turned 17 a day before valentine - IVAN. All the best for you, Van, and never ever forget that I'll be waiting for the birthday treat. 'kay?

And, can you believe it? It's already Valentine! My~ time sure do know how to pass real quick in front of our eyes. Well, though I did say that Val's day is like my personal hell on earth, I do believe that I should say a proper "Happy Valentine's Day" to all of you - whom I love, I hate, I care; whoever he or she it. Hope y'all have a wonderful valentine.

There's nothing much that I'll write in my today post since... yeah, there's nothing much to tell about. What can I tell? I'm no expertise in this area, and honestly, I never properly celebrated Valentine day in my 16-years-old-and-10-months. I'd only loved two boys in my life before, and it never end the way I imagined; the happily-ever-after kinda thing, and I guess y'all can guess what happened after that.

Whatever. So, here's a little something from me:

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE.
It's true that we'll appreciate or miss something/someone when they're already gone. Well, at least, that's what my class was buzzing about this morning.

Here's the thing. There's a lot of gossip that Wayne Phillip from our class will move to Australia, and yesterday when we confirmed it, he said "No." and blah-blah-blah with his style and trademark of talking. Looking half-innocent (yes. only half!) and rude at the same time. Rude it is, but funny at the same time. It's hard to describe it anyway, you should see it yourselves.

It's so funny that we - my class - often make fun of him. His favourite word was "ancol", "bangke", "bangsat" and "sampah". Well, that's how he's got his nickname, 'Sam' - derived and shortened from the word 'sampah'. We also nicknamed him as 'L MEN' due to his small body - almost as thin as a paper, and note that I'm not exaggerating at this point. He really is as thin as a paper.

So, anyway, today he didn't come to school and the gossip spread again. Some people from the other class ask, "Hey, is Wayne gone already?" and we all like, "Ah~ he's lying." but somehow, as time passed, it's like strucking us out of the blue and it became crystal clear that he'll move. We don't know the truth yet, cos' we joked with him too much that it's hard to differentiate when we're joking or when we're serious (although in my opinion, we never been serious though).
Rumour has it that he'll leave at 7 PM, fly to Bali first and then Aussie.

We're like; "Ah, serius lu!?" , "Yah.. ga ada lagi yang bisa dicengin." , "L Men pergi audisi ke L Men Internasional." , "Yah, orang gobloknya kurang satu." and all that kind of stuff. We still joked about him and his leaving, but I know that actually we're going to miss him. I mean, our class won't be the same again. It'll be different. I know and honestly, although he annoyed me a lot in class with his rudeness, but I'm going to miss him IF he really did move to Aussie.
this is our class photo at Ms.Wiwies bday.
Valentine Countdown: 3 days to go. 3 days to my personal hell on earth.

Okay, so it happened again and I'm getting really tired of my parents. They really annoyed me to the top of my patience and I simply can't control my emotion near them. They're both so annoyingly annoying and I just can't stop myself to yell at them. Even the rudest form of yelling. And whenever I remember anything about them, I really want to scream out loud and even do some head-banging thing and smack someone - so bad . I hate them! I really-really-really hate them for never making my life normal! I have enough trouble already.

And I've been so busy doing all this design thingy for GAT3 id-card and after almost an hour or so, I finally finished it. Yeay! So, how is it?

Phew, I put a lot of effort in this simple(okay not-so-simple) and small ID-card.

GAT3 countdown : 5 more days! eng-ing-eng *sound effect*
4 more days to valentine. Clock is ticking and although I was kinda hoping for a change this year, but it seems like my wish on that one won't be fulfilled. This year will be the same as ever - or maybe even worse than before.

Well, the thing is I never felt as lonely as I am now. It feels like I'm all alone in this world. I don't know. My mom is sooo irritating with her non-stop grimacing & grumbling upon dad and I'm so through with all these cold war happening in the house. Dad is the same, he's quiet most of the time but he's getting on my nerves lately - and I just can't stand it. With both mom and dad acting like a child, who should play 'parents' part? Why can't I just get a normal family? Just a normal family. It's not really a healthy thought, but sometimes I just think that it would be better that they just divorce. End of story, right? Everybody happy.

And with my friends; I can't really figure it out but I felt like they act like I'm invisible most of the time and that irritates me - a lot - but I can't argue or protest. Hey, after all, it's not easy to find friends in my school. Everybody have their own gang already - and to just mingle in a group isn't as easy as ABC. Well, to some people. Like me especially. I'm not born as a chatterbox and it really freaks me out if I'm stuck with someone, not knowing what to say. Sucks!

one more thing, I felt like I was losing my best friend. Again, I don't know why, how or when. It's just happens and the perfect word for it is 'fading'. It feels like our togetherness was slowly fading since the beginning of 2009. What makes me said that? We haven't chatted for almost two months and even when I talked to her, it feels like something changing already from the way she talked to me. Is it just my feeling? I don't know. I was confused myself. I don't even know the right word to describe what I feel. She's my best friend, and the last thing I ever imagined was losing her. It's hard and definitely hurt to think about that.

I can't understand what God has planned for me. I want to scream I gave up, but how can I gave up from this life? Surely I'm not that stupid to commit suicide. After all, I appreciate my life just the way it is. But I don't understand why. That it is.
Well, do you ever wonder how would it be if THE TERMINATOR was send to the time when JESUS was born?
Then, this video has all the answer. It's so damn hilarious and I was like when I watched this video. Definitely a you-must-watch video!

My favourite part. I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard at this part. It's so silly!

Jesus: "STOP! STOP killing Judas!"
Terminator : "But, he's going to betray you."
Jesus: "I know! Look-look, I got a lot on my mind right now, and you're really started to stress me out. Okay-kay?"
Terminator: "Watch the fire at 10 o'clock."
- DOOR -
Jesus: "Gimme that thing!"